I Love my dogs ~ aka The Crew

I wanted to craft something for them that would look nice & have an important purpose as well.  

I have worked with tools since I was in grade school, thanks Dad! And I love arts & crafts, so this seemed like a perfect path for me.

In September of 2012, I finally decided to go for it. To get things together & open shop. I have my corner in the garage with the work bench stocked full with great equipment, tools & blanks.

I have so much fun making ID tags for The Crew and would love making these for your pets! Not only will your pets look great with their new ID tags, they will also be safer with them on too... 

I have expanded, be sure to check out the Pendants for humans section that has several different styles & features mother pendants with furkid's or kid's names. There is also a custom Pendants for humans sterling silver section